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Shipping by Courier

Shipping is currently only available within Canada

If you would like your order shipped, it will arrive by courier and shipping charges will be added to your order.


Shipping by mail

Small orders and items under 3' can be shipped by mail and shipping charges will be added to your order.


Packaging will be charged on all orders

Approx. tree and shrub size conversion.

30 cm = 12"

40 cm = 15"

50 cm = 18"

60 cm = 24"

80 cm = 30"

90 cm = 36"

100 cm = 40"

125 cm = 4'

150 cm = 5'

175 cm = 6'

1 metre = 3'



Because trees are living organisms and are out of our control once they leave our care, we cannot offer returns for any packaged or bare root plants as we cannot guarantee the quality of a plant to another customer. 

Our Guarantee

We do not sell trees unless we are confident that they can withstand transport and transplantation. We guarantee that the trees we sell are alive and in good health when you receive them, whether by collection or shipment.

Trees are living organisms that need certain conditions in order to survive the transplant proces.  If you are unsure of how to transplant your trees, please ask and we can help!  However, if after they leave our facility they lack the necessary conditions for survival, we cannot be held responsible. Similarly, climatic hazards and accidents are not in our hands.

There are no replacements on nursery stock or evergreens. These plants are actively growing when purchased and will continue to grow with proper care.



Unless otherwise advised, we reserve the right to substitute in the event that we can not supply the original order.


All orders must include payment. Payment can be made by Cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Debit Card.

GST and PST will be added to your order if you reside in Saskatchewan. GST will be added if we are shipping to you out of province. We also charge packaging and freight according to each order. No COD orders will be accepted.


Boughen Nurseries Ltd. is a retail and wholesale outlet. There are many garden centers and nurseries carrying our products in Western Canada. If you’re interested in carrying our product, we would be pleased to speak with you. Please send us an email at

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